Freeze-dried Collagen Essence

Company introduction

Wuxi Biot Bio-technology co.,Ltd. is a high-tech company, which integrates R&D, manufacture and marketing together. Biot built the advanced bio-chemical laboratory and the world-class ultra-purification facility for protein purification which was approved by SFDA in January of 2004. The whole manufacturing process is carried out in GMP environment strictly. The collagen of Biot adopts international advanced bio-chemical extraction and purification technology. During the process of extracting collagen with bioactivities, all the hybrid proteins and other non-collagenous substances will be removed at the same time, ultimately get high purity(>98.5%) collagen.

The advantages of Biot collagen are keeping triple helix structure of collagen with complete biologically activities, non-immunogenic with good compatibility to human tissue, natural and stability, which are different from the hydrolysis of collagen protein without biological activity in the market.

The highest purity of Biot collagen can compete with other best collagen products in the world, widely application in the medical, biomaterial, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries as well as nutritions products.


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